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WIB Lobster Pot Pitch Event

Lobster Pot Pitch Event Recap (1920 x 1080 px)



BioProcure and Prendio are proud sponsors of Women in Bio's Annual Lobster Pot Pitch Event as part of our mission to support founders and early-stage life science labs. We offer a streamlined procure-to-pay solution for the life science vertical, improving efficiency and reducing administrative burden with intuitive features from approvals to ERP integration, allowing teams to focus on scientific breakthroughs. Couldn't make it to the event? Here's our recap of how the evening went!

Women in Bio's 9th Annual Lobster Pot Pitch event showcased the remarkable talent and innovation of female entrepreneurs in the life sciences sector. Held at the new Portal Innovations Southline space in Boston, the event brought together a diverse array of startups, each vying for funding or strategic partnerships to propel their ventures forward.

As the anticipation built, we took our seats, eager to witness the pitches that could potentially shape the future of biotech, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and beyond.  

Founders and Their Ventures: 

5(1) Katerina Chatzi - Founder & CEO of Promakhos: Katerina elucidated Promakhos Therapeutics' mission to address chronic inflammatory diseases by restoring immune system balance and function. Recognizing the limitations of existing therapies that merely suppress symptoms, Promakhos aims to develop curative therapies that empower the body to control inflammation and heal. The venture holds promise in transforming the treatment landscape for conditions like Crohn's disease and multiple sclerosis. 
4(1) Floris Engelhardt, Co-Founder & CEO of Kano Therapeutics: Florence presented Kano Therapeutics, a biotech startup enabling safe, effective, and flexible correction of gene-length stretches of DNA through a new class of biomaterial: circular single-stranded DNA. Kano's approach integrates design, manufacturing, and screening, offering a comprehensive solution to partners. Purposefully indication-, disease-, and technology-agnostic, Kano aims to make a broad impact in the field of gene replacement therapies. 


Ananya Zutshi - Co-Founder & CEO of Guardian Bio: Ananya introduced Guardian Bio, emphasizing its mission to pioneer personalized cell therapy using dendritic cells. The innovative approach drives anti-tumor activity by eliciting a diverse yet targeted immune response, mobilizing the body's defenses for the fight against cancer. By harnessing stem cells from patients and transforming them into cancer-targeted dendritic cells, Guardian Bio revitalizes the immune system, offering hope for improved treatment outcomes. 

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Grace Tiao - E9 Genomics: E9 Genomics is revolutionizing genomic data utilization, offering software systems for interactive queries across massive datasets. With a user-friendly interface, researchers can explore genetic evidence in real-time. Backed by a team with extensive experience in developing transformative genomic tools, E9 Genomics is poised to redefine the landscape of genomic research and its applications. 
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Amy Yee - CEO and Founder of Cha Therapeutics Inc.: Amy Yee introduced Cha Therapeutics Inc., a preclinical stage drug company focused on designing innovative drug combinations to tackle cancers evading the immune system. With a unique compound combination, Cha Therapeutics aims to re-program tumor cells for susceptibility to immune checkpoint inhibitors, addressing the urgent need to convert "cold" tumors to "hot" for improved cancer treatment outcomes.  


Throughout the evening, attendees were captivated by the passion and expertise of the founders as they outlined their visions for advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes. Following each presentation, the panel of investors engaged in insightful discussions, probing into the intricacies of each venture's business model, market potential, and scalability. 


Women in Bio's Lobster Pot Pitch event once again demonstrated the pivotal role of women in driving innovation and entrepreneurship in the life sciences industry. As the event concluded, we left inspired by the transformative potential of the ventures showcased and energized by the collaborative spirit that defines the Women in Bio community.