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Join us at Portal Pours Boston with Portal Innovations

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BioProcure and Prendio are excited to support the second installment of the Portal Pours Boston series! Get ready to dive deep into the world of M&A planning with industry experts, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Here's what's on the agenda:

  • How does thinking early about exit strategies influence company-building?
  • Who are the partners for you as you prepare an exit strategy and along the process?
  • What skills and expertise are necessary to succeed?

Meet the incredible panelists:

  • Douglas Fambrough, Managing Director, KCap Biotechnology Fund
  • Andrew Hack, Partner, Bain Capital Life Sciences
  • Jason Zuckerbrod, Partner, Centerview Partners
  • Ritu Shah, Portal Innovations and Founder/CEO of Ex^3
  • Rahul Dhanda, Co-Founder, President & CEO, Syntis Bio

Register here: https://23230704.hs-sites.com/boston-portal-pours-april-2024 

We’ll see you there! Stop by to learn more about how BioProcure and Prendio can help you achieve operational efficiency, minimize costs, and dedicate more resources to innovation! Can’t make the event? Schedule a demo with us today: https://hubs.li/Q02sTMqh0