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Tip Sheet: 5 Factors to Consider When Your Lab Receives a New Round of Funding

Congratulations on securing funding for your lab’s promising new research!

In this tip sheet, we’ll explore strategies to make every dollar count by maximizing your resources through conscious spending and thoughtful planning.

Don't let inefficient practices prevent you from getting the most of your funding. Move forward on the right track by considering five essential factors to optimize your lab’s funding and lay a solid foundation for scalable growth and discovery.

Download our new tip sheet to learn more.


Make Every Dollar Count


Unlock the Full Potential of Your Lab

Setting up a new lab often presents costly and time-consuming hurdles. The effort required for admin tasks such as ordering lab supplies, capturing and sharing experimental data, and scaling up your research capacity can eat into valuable time meant for innovation.

Don't let operational bottlenecks hold back your quest to tackle the world's most challenging health problems. Download our new tip sheet and learn about 5 tools to help you unlock the full potential of your lab.

Tip Sheet: 5 Tools to Boost Lab Productivity

Maximize Your Funding with These Thoughtful Strategies

Stay ahead of the curve as you drive your research organization to new heights. 


Prendio's New Tip Sheet Empowers Your Team with Strategies For:

Pinpointing the Best Lab Space for Your New Endeavor
Balancing Urgency & Cost When Ordering Equipment & Supplies
Nurturing Talent for Success

Selecting the Best Vendors and Service Providers

Utilizing Software to Power Efficiency and Collaboration